New To Vaping? You Likely Have The Following Five Questions

Are you new to vaping and do not know a lot about it? If so, you'll likely have some questions about this alternative to smoking.

When Do You Change The Coil?

A common reason that people change the coil is that they notice that there is a burnt flavor when vaping that doesn't seem to go away on its own. You may also notice that the flavor of the vape is muted or nonexistent. There is no real time frame for when to change a coil since the need to change it is based on how frequently you use your vaping device and how hot it gets. You could need to replace it in a matter of days or weeks depending on usage.

How Do You Change The Coil?

Most vaping devices work in a similar way, where you will flip the device upside down and unscrew the base to get access to the coil. However, make sure that there is not any vape juice under the chimney before doing this, because you could lose some vape juice by accident. The coils can then be removed by unscrewing the existing coil and putting in a new one for most devices. Some vaping devices have a press-fit coil that is popped off and on rather than screwed on. 

Why Does A New Coil Cause A Burnt Taste?

A common problem people run into after changing the coil is that it creates a burnt taste. This is frequently caused by not letting the coil soak in the vaping juice so that it is fully saturated. Give the coils several minutes to saturate so that it doesn't create that burnt taste. You do not want part of the coil to get too hot prematurely and end up burning the vaping liquid that comes in contact with it. 

How Do You Charge A Vaping Device?

Most vaping devices charge with a USB cable. However, you will want to make sure that the amps of your USB charger do not exceed the recommended amps needed for your vaping device. You do not want to accidentally ruin the battery or the internal components of the vaping device by accident. Since every vaping device is different, make sure that you read the instruction manual so that you are charging it correctly with the right kind of charger.

How Do You Increase The Flavor?

While the juice you use can impact the flavor you get, it also depends on the coils that you use. Devices that use a mesh coil tend to produce more flavor because they cover more surface area. It's also possible to increase the flavor by increasing the heat that you use. However, it may be too hot and an unenjoyable experience if you turn up the heat. 

For more information, reach out to a vape shop in your area.