5 Accessories For Your Hookah That You'Ll Want To Have

Do you love using your hookah and want to buy some accessories to improve your experience? If so, consider getting these upgrades.

Hot Plate Coal Burner

As the name implies, a hot plate coal burner assists with getting the coals hot for your hookah. All you need to do is plug this device in, place the coals on top of the heating element, and turn it on. You'll then give the coals a turn halfway through heating them after a minute or two, and the coals will be good to go before you know it. This will prevent the need to get the coals hot using a blow torch or lighter, as well as help get things started quickly.

Vacuum Starter

You can purchase a miniature vacuum starter for your hookah, which is a small battery-powered device. It goes onto the hose, is turned on, and it pulls air through the hose as you get the hookah started. It helps blast the coals with heat so that you can get the hookah started easier without having to suck air through the holes yourself. A good tip for using the vacuum starter is to use it in short pulses, which will help get the heat going and not burn up the tobacco inside. 

Foil Puncher

A foil puncher is a simple accessory that is nice to have on hand. Rather than have to make every individual hole in the foil, a foil puncher allows you to make them all in an instant. The foil puncher has many tiny needles in it that are spaced out to simplify the process, allowing a consistent amount of smoke to come out through the holes every time. 

Smoke Diffuser

A smoke diffuser works by breaking the smoke up into smaller bubbles as it comes out of the down stem, which helps with the water filtration process inside the hookah. You'll find that you have smoother pulls from the hookah by using a diffuser and that the hookah makes less noise while the diffuser is in use. 

Silicone Mouthpiece

One of the nice things about having silicone mouthpieces is that they are cheap, simple to clean, and easy to swap out. You may want to use these if you are sharing the hookah with multiple people. For example, you may want each person to have their own colored mouthpiece that is easy to identify. For more information, contact a company like Lavoo Glass Hookah.