Key Reasons To Smoke Out Of Glass Rigs

Whether you prefer to smoke from a pipe, a bong, a bubbler, or another type of piece, you stand to benefit from considering what material you'd prefer your smoking rig to be made from. These days, you have more choices than ever before: silicone, wood, and even part-plastic smoking rigs are available, and each material has its place. However, one material still stands out among the rest: glass. Here are some key reasons to smoke out of a glass rig.

Glass is easy to clean

So many other materials either absorb smoke residue or become stained over time. Glass, on the other hand, is nearly non-porous and does not absorb any residue from the smoke. It is fairly easy to clean glass and keep it looking new. You can do so with isopropyl alcohol or even with everyday ethanol. Since glass can easily be cleaned, it does not hold onto unpleasant odors or flavors, and you can get a glass rig looking as good as new even when it's decades old.

Glass can be colored and molded into all sorts of different shapes and designs

Glass rigs are anything but boring. You can find plain, clear glass smoking rigs if that's what you prefer, but there are also some incredibly colorful, creative ones. Glass blowers often put a lot of time and effort into designing colorful bongs and pipes. You can find ones in solid-colored glass, others with spots or stripes on them, and still others with swirls and other embellishments. This makes smoking more fun, and it also gives you a way to tell your smoking rig apart from others.

Glass rigs do not get hot

When you light material on fire, heat from that burning material has the potential to radiate through the smoking rig. With glass, however, this does not typically happen. Glass is a poor conductor of heat, so your smoking rig will not get hot very quickly at all, even if you have a long smoking session. This makes glass a good material for smoking rigs you plan on passing from person to person. You can all grab onto it and pass it without anyone getting burned.

Glass has long been a favorite material used to make smoking rigs. Even with other materials popping up today, there are a lot of reasons to stick with glass. Explore your options, and find a glass rig you enjoy.

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